Thursday, August 6, 2009

Finally...we get to eat!

It's always somehow amazing when you actually grow a vegetable that you haven't managed or tried to grow before. If you have gardened you may know the feeling when that cabbage head finally starts to form and you realize that might just get to eat that large cabbage plant that has been occupying space for some months, or when that scraggly transplant that you neglected to water for too long manages to set its roots and take off by some miracle of the plant gods.

I have had that same feeling with almost everything that we have managed to grow out at Skeeter Farm. We pulled out a beet a couple of days ago to check it for cankers and holes. I wasn't expecting much considering that we knew our soil was Boron deficient and we applied the nutrient late in the plant's life. Man was I wrong. It was...beautiful. I might even have to eat it (N.B. beets are my least favourite veggie).

Beets and more from Skeeter Farm this Saturday morning at the Abbotsford Farmers Market in downtown Abby. Come check us out!

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