Thursday, August 5, 2010

everything's going to be irie

Those of you who have been following our posts this season, may have sensed a slight air of stress amongst us new farmers. If you picked up on were right. We have been biting our fingernails since about mid May, nervously waiting, and praying, and waiting for that abundance that we experienced in our first year farming to return. I'm not going to lie...we were scraping the bottom of the barrel to make our marketing requirements the last two weeks.  This week the field is giving us some sweet relief. It was a long time coming...but the abundance is starting to return. Cucumbers coming out our eyeballs, delicious little ground cherries dropping like hot potatoes, and soon, lots of these fantastic looking watermelons, cantaloupes and honeydews and much more.

Time to relax a little, kick back, keep on the weeding, clean the garlic for market, fish fertilize the fall greens, can some peaches, figure out what keeps chewing on the eggplants, and oh yeah, relax, and Eat!


  1. Wow. Those melons are awesome. What have you used to make them so big. What kind of fertilizers did you use ?

  2. sorry, didn't see your comment until now. We don't use chemical fertilizer. Last year we spread some turkey manure at the beginning of the season, this year we chose to not spread any manure at all. Melons like quite a bit of water, and heat. We planted them into a black plastic mulch and seem to be doing quite well.