Thursday, March 11, 2010

And then there were four!

Hooray! We are super excited and thankful to have found a fourth person to join Skeeter Farm for this season.

Amanda Smith was one of the many wonderful folks who sent in an "application" to farm with us this summer and we would like to welcome her to our team! We were surprised and overwhelmed with the interest in joining us this season. The amount of emails we had about our posted position is really a testament to the growing interest in farming around the Lower Mainland, dispite what popular discourse may lead you to believe.

Amanda, like the three of us, has a full time job and resides in the Township of Langley. She has no prior "farming" experience but her passion for food and farming shines through when she gets talking. We will spend the next few weeks getting her up to speed on how we do things around the farm before the season takes off.

The addition of one more dedicated farmer is a real plus this year as we learned last year that our biggest limiting factor was time. Its one thing to have the time to prepare your soil, plant a bunch of seeds, and maintain your crops...but its a whole other ball game when it comes to getting crops out of the field, prepped and marketed. Amanda will be helping us in the field but is also very interested in the farmers market side of things. We are hoping that the addition of one more farmer is just the thing we need to help us reach our business goals this year.

Welcome to Amanda!

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  1. Thank you for the welcome Amy, Hannah, and Jamie! I look forward to growing and helping how ever I can in the farm, and of course, getting to know some great new people.

    Hear is to learning new things, and growing!