Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Lil' Update from your Farmers

Although we have not be regularly communicating via the blog as of late, there has been a flurry of activity in the last couple of months to get ready for the season. A quick recap for those folks who are interested:

- we have launched our CSA program for the year and information is up a the blog on a posting below
- we are looking for a fourth person on for the farm. We have received quite a few "applications" from interested folks and have begun to meet people, but would still like to hear from more. Even if you don't become our next business partner there are still other ways to get involved in farming and we would like to talk to you!
- the seeds have arrived (for the most part), and we are way ahead on starting transplants this year when compared to last year. Getting an earlier start also means that we can grow a much broader variety of crops
- we purchased a 90' hoop house which has successfully arrived at the site. The next step is to get it erected. In the meantime we are lucky to have the use of two other greenhouses for our transplants
- quite a few building projects planned including bat houses, tables, some kind of sheltered area and a bit more storage for equipment.
- the garlic is 4" high!
- business planning, financial statements, time tracking, blah. I am so happy that Hannah has volunteered to be the business management lead this year. It means that I can concentrate on crop planning and planting and the things that I like to do.
- our website is up.... almost. www.skeeterfarm.com. It looks good if you use a mac. But PC users wont be able to view it properly. the problem should be fixed soon. it was my first time building a website so there were certainly some errors made on my part.

Thanks everyone for your support so far this year. It has been great hearing from some of our regular customers and also meeting some new ones!

Happy to be getting dirty again...

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