Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Praying to the Sun Gods

For those of you who are wondering how things are coming along this year at Skeeter Farm (I know at least my parents are interested. So this post, at the very least, is to give them a little update)...

We have started planting with the first of our herb, onion and leek sets being put out last weekend (yes in the midst of the hail/rain storm). We are also praying to the plant gods that those little guys survived the subsequent hail storms earlier this week. We have high hopes for this weekend for getting some seeds in the ground, it just has to stop raining for at least a few days so the ground dries up enough to till.

Seeing as we start selling a bit later than most farm folks, we are a little behind the standard vegetable planting schedules. None-the-less we should be getting our root crops and brassicas planted out relatively soon and in a few weeks much more will be going in. We were trying to be more organized about our planting schedule this year, but organization and scheduling sometimes falls apart as you wait for the weather to make up its mind. Such is the life of a farmer...

Other than that we've got the plastic up on the new hoophouse and its all ready for planting. We just need to sort out replacing the stolen irrigation components and we will be able to get most of our transplants out at the farm. For now our little transplants are safe and sound in the Abbotsford Community Garden Greenhouse (which we are most thankful for being able to use).

With love from the Skeeter Farmers.

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