Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Meet your Dole Organic Banana Grower from half way around the world

It's take it with a grain of salt. But they have come up with a really cool idea which I took notice of yesterday while eating an organic Dole banana (maybe this is not so new - upon further research this dates back to 2007, I guess I don't read banana lables all that carefully).

Each bunch of organic bananas has a unique farm code which you can use on their website to look up information about the farm/farmers that have grown your food. Mine came from farm #759 in Equador.

Fantastic idea, maybe not executed so great (I would like to see more pictures of the actual farms and less of the Dole reps), but how sweet would it be if you could look up information about where your BC grown food came from. Imagine a website such as this, combined with the resurection of BuyBC program, showcasing the beauty of farms and farmers in BC...connecting folks with their food bought from the supermarket and BC farmers virtually. Afterall, BC is a big province and with few farmers, its hard to make that face to face connection with everyone.

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  1. You are right... the website is not new, but the DOLE Organic iPhone application is!
    It works exactly the same, you enter the 3 digits shown on the fruit's sticker and you get the main information about the farm where the bananas are coming from, but now you can have it in your cell phone.
    That's even cooler!