Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sweet times at Skeeter Farm

Finally a weekend to get caught up! A good work party happened this last weekend at the farm, equipment was working, beds were prepped and seeding was accomplished.

Thanks in particular to my friends and family who made the trip out to Abby to help.

One of the sweeter things to happen this weekend, was that one of Jamie's beehives split and formed a swarm up in the plum tree. I know nothing about beekeeping, but Jamie says this happens when a new queen is born and the hive splits. Basically there was a large swarm of bees high up in a tree all piled on top of each other that needed to be captured and put into a new hive. I got to help cut the bees out of the tree. A somewhat sketchy operation.

Here is some shaky photography of the swarm:

The bees looked like a gelatinous, mobile bunch of grapes. 

Just some other shots of Jamie doing his beekeeping that I took earlier in the week. 

The bees are doing double duty, helping to pollenate our crops and producing some pretty delicious honey which Jamie just made for the first time. 

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  1. Thank You Amy for letting us visit your lovely farm and see you in your element!!! You are beautiful! Nice to meet Jamie. The bees are very interesting!! I love the shirt as does Megan who confiscated it!!
    Good Luck! Take Care!
    Always, Aunt Re and Uncle Gordon