Thursday, April 8, 2010

Coming soon to a farmers market near you!

I can hardly wait for our farmers market days- the shiny veggies, the smiling babies, the delicious baked treats for me to munch on...So, I am super excited to try out some new markets this year. We'll see how the smiling babies in Abbotsford stack up against the babies in the West End and Coquitlam- the competition is on!

Here is our market schedule:
July 31: Abbotsford Market
August 7: Vancouver West End Market
August 14: Abbotsford Market
August 21: Vancouver West End Market
August 28: Abbotsford Market
September 4: Vancouver West End Market
September 11: Abbotsford Market
September 18: Vancouver West End Market
September 26: Coquitlam Market
October 3: Coquitlam Market
October 10: Coquitlam Market
October 16: Vancouver West End Market

So mark those dates in your calendar and come hang out at our booth!

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