Monday, April 5, 2010

Weekend work party

There's nothing like getting the job done to raise spirits and get the farming juices flowing. This weekend an amazing amount of work happened on the farm - with the help of our friends and family we managed to get most of the hoop house up, sort out an organize our storage container, take an inventory of what is left after our farm bandits got in, and uncover some of the perennial crops that were hiding under masses of horsetails.

Some photos from a fantastic weekend:

Our friend Andrew helping us out with some tilling. I have a serious case of tractor envy.

Hannah getting us organized. We are hoping all those canning jars will be filled with little pickles this year.

Emily's drafting skills came in handy while laying pieces out and she was pretty good at getting dirty too.

This was a highly technical operation. 

Hannah and Dutch looking super impressed 

Nearing the end of day one

New farmer Amanda and her husband Matthew came out for day two and kept things moving along nicely.

End of day two - just the plastic and the doors left to go on, then we're in business.

Some garlic looking good, and quite big already. 

The fall rye filled in and is growing exponentially. It will feel good to get it all turned in to the soil soon.

The bees are out and seem happy!

We hope everyone has had a happy Easter long weekend.
With love from your Skeeter Farmers.


  1. Well, the Easter Bunny must love what you are doing to get all those yummy vegies up and growing this year. Congratulations on all your work this weekend - looks amazing. Any way we can take part in your box program this year? Amy's Mom and Dad in Victoria

  2. Oh dear...I must remember to wear more flattering farm outfits!

  3. It's not about looking pretty Hannah. But I do apologise for posting an unflattering picture of you and Dutch. It was the only pic I had of D from that weekend.